About Us


The Succour is a christian charity organization in alliance with its U.S.-based nonprofit organization and their African partners working to help children, families, and communities throughout Africa. The Succour members are all dedicated to solving the complex, inter-related challenges facing African children. Our members realize that, as effective as they each are on their own, they can be even more powerful when they approach Africa’s issues as a group.

Together our members, with their partners on the ground in Africa, touch almost every aspect of the African community . Whether they are collecting and distributing books to school children, introducing medical strategies to combat the spread of diseases, or identifying https://www.hotelcristallotrentino.it/srq/
and providing a healthier environment, a passionate desire to help the children of Africa solve critical problems and build a better future for the children and communities.

Organizations wishing to become part of The Succour partnership must meet stringent tests of fiscal accountability, governance and programmatic impact. For more information on our eligibility requirements, please contact us with the details in our contact page


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The Succour charity organization work throughout Africa. We provide support ranging from health and medical care, education, sustainable development, food and provision of portable water


The Succour Empowers poor African children through community-based self-help programs that improve health and expand education.